All of a sudden – the system ain’t rigged

Isn’t it funny how many Democrats said the system was rigged until wikileaks proved they were the ones rigging the system?

But when Wikileaks and Project Veritas expose complete corruption and Donald Trump says “The system is rigged”, suddenly the Dems scoff at his statement.

Just a few examples are seen here but the list goes on and on.

Collusion with the Media

Here we have one of Hillary’s staff feeding questions to the media:

They know the media will do as they say – it was planned in a dinner held the night before Hillary announced her candidacy:

Here we have CNN lying to keep people from investigating the corruption on their own:

Outright fraud

Here Alan Schulkin – the Commissioner of the Board of Elections of NY,NY – explains the whole thing and seems upset that he has spent his life supporting the people that do it. But yet he soldiers on.

We’ve seen the emails from the wikileaks dumps and then, instead of saying, “I’m sorry. I ‘m a crook and you caught me.” Hillary just says “The Russians did it.” A perfect example of this came in the last debate when (surprisingly) Chris Wallace gathered the gumption to ask her about a borderless continent- she never even denied that she said she wants a borderless continent. She just Says Trump is Putin’s puppet and shifts away from what she actually said.

Keep an eye on the wikileaks documents and share that info with your low-information friends and acquaintances. They will resist, but remember that they have been receiving all their info from “official sources” (government-media complex). We have to actively speak up against the corruption in order to stop it. Point it out. Don’t let friends or relatives make false statements without correcting them. And most important, keep reading from as many sources of reliable info as possible!

Make sure you read and listen to the left. Know what they are saying so you can refute it. Also read good articles and listen shows that are reputable and factual. Stop the Madness!!