CNN Declares it is illegal to view wikileaks – UNLESS your CNN!

CNN Declares it is illegal to view wikileaks UNLESS your CNN!

That’s right – This news reader has declared that only the state run media can find out what Hillary Clinton​ has been trying to hide from you. Only they can filter through and tell you what you should know.

This is taking us back to “Only Priests can read the Bible” and “Only the Army can have guns”.

In other words, only the elites and those that protect them (from us) can have the information to decide for themselves or the ability to defend themselves.

This kind of thing was why America was formed! The Idea of a people not being under the thumb of a king was easy when only the king’s armies had weapons. Only a few armed men could control the entire population. But when technology and industry made it possible for “common men” to own weapons, they rebelled against kings in many countries. This started with The Unites States then France and others.

holding on to power

Hillary Clinton and the entrenched Federal “rulers” do not want a free people determining their own destiny. They were never supposed to be rulers. Our Founding Fathers made it purposely hard to pass laws. That’s why there are three counter-balancing branches of Government and 2 houses of legislature. So greedy men would be kept in check and dumb ideas would not become law.

Now we have greedy men (and women, for crying out loud with the feminism) who enrich themselves their kin and cronies by passing dumb laws and borrowing more than can ever be repaid.

The press is supposed to be pointing out to the public what these monsters are doing to our country. Instead, they have become so enamored with power and quasi-fame as they rub elbows with the ones they should be putting in pillory, that they have become a part of the repression of free men (and women, for Pete’s sake).