Black on Black Lives Matter

Rochester man calls BS on the mayor and press

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s press conference about Wednesday night’s triple-fatal shooting at the Boys and Girls Club was interrupted two minutes into her quiet discussion with reporters by a man that had heard enough crap.

Lovely Warren is another Democrat BS mayor who runs a dangerous city.  Dangerous for Blacks as well as Whites. City data classifies it as a high crime city.  Most high crime cities are run by democrats who refuse to say that people should be responsible for their own welfare rather than depend on government handouts.

Warren also insists that the police in America are on a hunt for black men to shoot.


The man, who did not identify himself, said that Black on Black crime thrives because black people won’t talk to the cops.  Statistics back up his claim.

Exponentially more blacks are killed by other black people than by the police.  More whites are killed by police than are blacks. Yet the left wing who seeks the votes of the impoverished inner city pacify the thugs that run the streets in hopes that they will get the votes.

Kudos to this man, who is part of the quiet minority of African Americans who are not heard.  The Majority of Black people in America want jobs and respectful children. Yet the thugs and hood rats get all the exposure in the media and all the attention from politicians.

We need more ordinary working people to stand up and speak their mind.  Conservatives need to completely expose the statists who seek to control us.  We need to defy the media attempts to lie and coverup the crooked leftists shenanigans.