Clinton News Network Trump Shirt on man who saved baby from death.

CNN (Clinton News Network) interviewed Steven Eckel after he broke a window to save a baby that had been left in the car for 25 minutes.  After a minute you see the CNN newschick get kinda antsy, apparently she finally noticed that Steven was actually a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, hatemonger because he was wearing a #Trump2016 T shirt and abruptly cut him off.


When the show ran again, the engineers went to work on that Blatant Hate Speech on Steven’s Shirt.  That’s right, they blurred out the Trump Logo.  Oh if only one of the  3 people wearing a Clinton tee had saved that baby.  But we all know that if they would have seen the overheated tot, they would have tweeted video of her crying and tried to blame it on Trump.


Below is the rpeat broadcast when the slimy CNN people blurred the Tee (and reality).