Some Syrians celebrate being free from ISIS

Men shaved their beards and women threw off their hijabs after being free from ISIS. The Syrian government (which Obama opposed – helping boost ISIS to dominate much of the country) ran ISIS out of the neighborhood of Manbij, and the citizens there celebrated being free of the hard Jihadi control.

It is not all Muslims that seek to live in the 7th century. Those that want to live modern lives are looked upon as having committed unforgivable sin by the hardliners. This is the major difference between Jewish, Christian, other major beliefs and Islam.

Most people in the world worship GOD in their own way and let other people have their own relationship to GOD. Islam teaches that if you are not Islam (and each sect of Islam specifies their own way is the only way) you should be converted, forced to pay money, or killed.

Among the major religions of the world, only Islam teaches that world domination is part of your duty to your religion.

Christ taught that it was wrong to kill for religious reasons. When Peter used a sword to try and defend Jesus he was rebuked. Those that kill in the name of Christ are disobeying His command.

Jews defend their promised land but do not seek to conquer other peoples. The Jews were driven for their promised land in Roman times and wandered the earth without a homeland until after World War 2. The United Nations knew of the terrors that Jews without a homeland had suffered and agreed with the U.S. and England that the land which had been ruled by the English, and inhabited by Jews and Arabs, since the turn of the century. Since that time the Arabs have never stopped calling for the destruction of Israel, While the Israeli government had made many concessions of land without any cessation of hostilities.

The Palestinian people could leave free, productive lives if the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would just stop attacking Israel. The people who live under Palestinian control cannot live in freedom until they establish an honest government that seeks peace.

Islam is “Complicated”. The Jihadis teach exactly what Muhammed said. “Modern” Muslims that live in a pluralistic society and may bow fives times a day, but do not seek to kill those that believe differently, are not following “True Islam.” Many Muslim people believe what they were taught as children but do not seek to kill others. They are in a quandary, for if they openly express their beliefs, they will now be called infidels by the Jihadis and targeted for violence.

We in the west need to understand the situation of most Muslims. They want t be normal people that have a job and raise their families and live in a country that has freedom, but if they speak this aloud in the community they face reprimands, beating or death from the hard liners. We need to cultivate the Modern Muslim and not shut them off. For if they cannot live as free man among us without fear, they will stay secluded and become like the ones that oppress them.