Bernie Becomes Crony Capitalist – Gets Summer home in exclusive islands

We all knew that if only Bernie Sanders would endorse Hillary Clinton, she would convert to socialism. It’s only right – seeing as how he shared his support with her that she would forsake her 150 Million Dollar empire and live a life of modest means – sharing with those less fortunate.

Didn’t work out like that.

Instead Bernie got a good old ‪#‎CronyCapitalism‬ payout and bought a 3rd home to summer in. All good socialists have a DC home, a Vermont home and Summer home worth over half a million.

Don’t worry, millennials – Word is, Bernie is going to just have an open door policy. That’s right! Any of you millennials who bought the socialist crap from Bolshevik Bernie can just hitchhike up to the town of in North Hero in the Champlain Islands and waltz right in. Bernie won’t have any walls or anything to keep his brother commies out.

From The Hill