Josh Ernest flails his limp fist and says a ransom isn’t a ransom

After insinuating that anyone who calls the plane load of cash Obama flew to Iran in order to secure the release of our citizens from the Iranian Government a Ransom is taking sides with the Iranian Government (who says it was ransom), Josh Ernest admits that the prisoner swap was tied to the cash transfer.

The money in question has been held for almost 40 years because of the actions of Iran and their support of worldwide Islamic Terrorism. The U.S. has held that since the Iranians held our Embassy and it’s staff hostage for 44 days. The Day Ronald Reagan was sworn in the Iranians let the hostages go and made no claim to the money because they feared the actions of the American President.

Now our hostages are only released when the US President sends them a literal planeload of cash. The cash was never going to be released to the Terrorist-backer Iran by any president other than the Muslim one. He knew his time in office was limited and wanted to get the cash to his Mullah friends before Trump became president.

Full Press briefing below:

And what is it with the weird, semi-fist thing that Obama and Ernest do? 

Not man enough to point at someone or make a fist? Do this thing where the thumb rests cozily inside a nice bed, made by the fingers.

Obama weak fistObama weak fistJosh Earnest Weak FistJosh Earnest Weak Fist