Ported Porn

Springfield ever-popular XD series has some cool upgrades. Among them is the V20 Porting System which is said to help keep the muzzle on target.

XD40 with ported barrelEveryone who has the XD loves it and the Croation-made pistols have a track record of being dependable and instinctive to use. But do we really need to blow gas off early in an at-most 4 inch barrel? The “hiccup” of a small pistol is something grownups learn to deal with and we realize the whole reason you have the weapon is close range battle.
Competition shooters say they can keep on target better and deliver a faster set of bullets on target with less recoil. We feel that target acquisition in the real world needn’t be that of competition speed shooters – two rounds a second on target is plenty (remember that you are looking beyond the target as well to avoid innocents) and you really need all the power behind each bullet to do damage.
Another issue is that many who use the ported pistol say the front sights get really dirty, really fast. some guys just love cleaning their guns, love to pull them apart and caress them with solvents and oils, heck don’t we all from time to time. Cleaning, however is something for every 500 rounds not every fifty.
And remember that all that gas blowing in front of your face is hot,on-fire stuff! If you are shooting in lower light – that flash can blind. If you are firing from a vehicle or other confined space, that flash may hit you in the face with particulates and blinding heat. That’s something you need to think about if your weapon is one for defense. You never know where you will need to use it and if you can’t see after firing it could be really bad.
We think it looks cool as all get out but feel that the trade-off in power and the gasses in front of your face are deal killers, unless that is, you have plenty of guns and just want one because it’s cool.