Now the invasion of Britain begins

Muslim invaders trying to storm Calais

As the press continues to use the word “Migrant” to describe the invaders of Europe, they have shut down the port of Calais, France while trying to force their way onto U.K. bound ferries.


Teh thugs stand in the road to stop vehicles on the way to the ferries:

First they stop vehicles en route to the ferries

Then they try to stow away on vehicles that will be ferried over to England.

French authorities had to close the port and used tear gas on the Jihadists as civilians’ cars are pelted with stones by the thugs.
The intent is clear – “Unhappy with the reception they have received in Europe, these Jihadists are now trying to invade Britain. They’ve left places that have been decimated by the theocratic Islamic nightmare and insist that the peaceful countries that they have forced their way into now abide by the same Sharia law that ruined the places they left.

This is the kind of thing the Obama Administration is striving to bring to America. No vetting of people from the most dangerous region of the world. Not all will be trying to overthrow America, but it only too 19 to take out the world trade center.