Marketing through tears – Kleenex Kleens up!

We all know what a Kleenex moment is.  And who doesn’t get a little weepy when a guy who has just done his job in the background for decades is honored by the people who have noticed.

Mr Patton is the janitor at Lockeland Design Center in Nashville TN.  The Elementary school custodian has been there shining floors and smiling for the kids and never expected anything other than a paycheck and the sense of pride you get from a job well done.  Like millions of other folks that work hard in exchange for money to provide for their family, Mr Patton is cheerful about his duties and a great example to the kids.

He never expected what was going to happen the day a TV crew was “profiling the school” and he was called to clean a spill.



Luckily there were plenty of Kleenex to go around because the film crew was there to shoot a commercial for the tissue icon and knew tears would fly when hundreds of kids recognized the quiet man for his service.


Good job Kleenex –


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